Rates & Fees

A simple question that we usually get: How much will I be charged for taking out a payday loan? The answer is marginally perplexed concurrently. The fee will be predicated on the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of your advancement.

Representative APR Range

Please note: Personalloanapps is not a lender but assists customers to get various loans such as payday loans. Personalloanapps will not supply an exact rate of APR (Annual Percentage Rate) if you get approved for a loan and you will be charged for it. There is a difference between the APR as it differs according to the loan request and the lender requested for it. The complete details will be given by the lender related to loan fees, APR, and other details as well..

The APR or Annual Percentage Rate can range from (200-2290)% depending on various factors like loan fees, late payment fees, renewal actions. Please make it a note that APR is not a part of a financial charge as this will be disclosed later on.

How does the APR for one payment small-dollar loan compare to other options? Compare your options for the value of $100 extension of credit for 14 days:

Product Type (single repayment) Charge APR
NSF + Bounced Check $45.00 1,173.21%
Overdraft Fee $30.00 782.14%
Late Fee $25.00 521.43%

Inference of Non-Payment and other Considerations

Personalloanapps.com isn't a lender and doesn't charge any fees for its services. Every lender within the Personalloanapps.com network provides the buyer with specific terms, conditions, and practices before the consumer accepts the loan. We recommend that you simply carefully review the terms and conditions of the payday loan offer presented to you.

Inference of Non-Payment, Late Payment, or Partial Payment

When you accept the terms and conditions for a loan offer, you're agreeing to pay back the loan principal and finance charges within the amount of your time shown within the documents supplied by your lender. Additional fees or charges by your lender could also be applicable if you simply are unable to repay your loan fully or if you create a late payment. Personalloanapps.com cannot predict the quantity of the fees or charges that you simply will incur as a result of non-payment, late payment, or partial payment. Personalloanapps.com has no control of data of the loan details between you and your lender. Please ask for the late payment, partial payment, and non-payment policies detailed within the loan documents provided by your lender. Personalloanapps.com does attempt to figure only with reputable lenders dedicated to pursuing collections of overdue accounts fairly and reasonably.